"Meet The Power Performers Staff"

Robert Channing, CEO. Robert has been married for over 17 years to the love of his life Brenda Leigh Johnson and has one beautiful daughter and three handsome sons. As a professional speaker and entertainer, he's been performing and running his entertainment and speaking career since the age of 12 called Power Performers. He loves giving back to people, the community and the world at large and is passionate about helping and encouraging others to follow their dreams! Remember this, "Dreams don't have deadlines".

Lisa Martin is the best at what she does. She has an intuitive edge to her and goes above and beyond for her clients - always getting the details right and recommending the perfect speaker, celebrity or entertainer.

What Lisa is most proud of are her 3 children. Between taking them to sporting events and cooking them dinner they are the light of her life!

She will make sure your event is a complete SUCCESS! By the way she is also proud to be Power Performers most energetic Sr. Event Advisor with always a smile on her face to brighten the day.

Steve Guy is the youngest and brightest star at Power Performers. Steve has a background in Marketing and Phone Sales. He recently made a career change to the Event Industry with great success.

When he's not in the office servicing his clients, he enjoys spending time with his son Steven Gregory.  If you want someone to help you get the best for your event you have found the right guy - Steve Guy.

Debbie Kinsella is the first person you speak with when you call our office. She helps to run our office and your events smoothly and effortlessly. If you need things done, just ask Debbie.

She has a bright smile and a caring way and is always willing to help someone else. Debbie loves the excitement of the speaker and entertainment field.

When Debbie is not at work, she enjoys time with her family and friends. She especially likes to go camping and riding her Seadoo jet ski on the beautiful lakes in our area in upstate New York. She shares this time with her husband Bill.

George Aney is generous, caring and giving of his time, attention and energy. There aren't enough words in the English language to describe George Farber Aney.

He's available 24/7 for his friends and clients. His hobbies are collecting fine jewelry and antiques. He relaxes at his camp on a lake in the summer near Cooperstown, N.Y., and travels back and forth to Key West, Florida, in the winter months.

His clients range from royalty to people who cannot afford his help. He is always giving of his talent to charities and his community. George has been named Man of the Year numerous times in New York.

George is wealthy beyond comparison with family and friends, and rich beyond his wildest dreams with life's extravagant rewards. He also has a super sense of humor. He should have been a comedian with his sharp wit and a tongue that could cut steel. George is 65 years young and has more energy than a man 5 times his youth.

We're proud to have him as our attorney.